Long penis size is ideal for every man, because quite a lot of men are apparently not satisfied with the size of their penis. Not only does they not feel confident when having sex, men also believe that the size of a penis that is not long enough is not able to satisfy their partners during intercourse. The problem is, extending the penis is not an easy thing to do.

Indeed, there are several techniques for penis enlargement that can be done by men, however, usually these techniques are quite risky and can cause side effects.

Method of injecting the penis, do not need to wait a long time, 10 to 20 minutes after injecting the penis then the male penis can be longer up to 5 cm. In this case is quite dangerous and causes side effects if carried out continuously. The second method requires a long time but the results are very effective and do not cause excessive side effects. By taking additional supplements of Vigrx Plus Pills.

A study seems to provide answers for men who want to extend their penis. A male expert from San Francisco named Dr. Steven Lamm said that he had perfected a procedure to extend the penis in a way that was easier and more effective using additional ingredients in his research.

Will you take pills to enlarge the penis? one of the tablets you can drink is the gingko biloba pill, an herbal remedy made from tree leaves, which is traditionally used in Chinese medicine to improve memory.

The idea is that ginkgo increases blood flow to the penis, so especially men with poor circulation will feel like they have a bigger penis.

Although scientific evidence is not conclusive, researchers at the University of California found that gingko is most effective in helping men who suffer from sexual dysfunction as a side effect of using anti-depressants.

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